Allsoft Ecommerce increased the conversion of orders on the Kaspersky Lab website by 7%

Allsoft Ecommerce and Kaspersky Lab set the goal to achieve and maintain a consistently high conversion rate. To achieve it, there were implemented the following activities: processing and payment optimization, redesign of the Kaspersky Lab’s shopping cart, analysis of the effectiveness and frequency of banner ads, adding an option for automatic renewal for all “home” products and license types of the company, including renewals

for a month and a year. In addition, the usage of the marketing tools of the platform allowed to increase the average purchase check in the online store. The effectiveness of all changes in the functional and logic of business processes was confirmed by the results of A/B testing.

The interaction of Kaspersky Lab with Allsoft Ecommerce was also optimized through comprehensive integration of the platform with the company to quickly synchronize information, and the download of orders was accelerated by 30%. Moreover, Allsoft Ecommerce provided Kaspersky Lab support staff with access to order data, which increased customer loyalty, communication efficiency and speed of resolution of issues.